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The Rainbow Light Collection

The Rainbow Light Collection of Deep Relaxation Therapy CDs are satisfaction guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied, you may get a full refund of the cost of your CD provided you have listened to this over a period of three weeks

Abundance & ProsperityAbundance & Prosperity

This session assists us in giving ourselves permission to bring into our lives the many treasures we deserve, to be completely fulfilled in every way possible whether it be on a financial, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

Price: €17 inc. VAT

Health & VitalityHealth & Vitality

This session supports us in attaining a healthy lifestyle, a balances diet and renewed energy. Our body is our temple, our primary physical home and to honour and respect our body is of great importance to our overall well being.

Price: €17 inc. VAT

              & ForgivenessLove & Forgiveness

This session encourages us to deepen and develop the qualities of joy, freedom, understanding and self acceptance. We were all born knowing how to love but throughout our lives we may become detached and separated from this knowing. Forgiveness is unconditional love and allows us the perfect freedom to release our hurt and disappointment and move forward in our lives.

Price: €17 inc. VAT

Study & Exam SkillsStudy & Exam Skills

This session activates our own inner potential and helps us to feel more relaxed and confident, to experience greater memory and subject recall. This CD is designed for students of all ages.

Price: €17 inc. VAT

Deep & Restfull SleepDeep Restful Sleep

This session helps us to retain our body’s natural restful balance through calming the mind, body and emotions. Sleep is nature’s built in deep relaxation therapy and is a tremendous healing power for our bodies, our minds and our emotions.

Price: €17 inc. VAT

Grief & Letting goGrief & Letting go

This session allows us to accept and honour ‘what is’ in our lives today, while guiding us with compassion to release that which no longer serves us.
Feelings of loss, isolation and grief are part of our everyday experiences like changing ones job, moving house, growing older, separation, illness or bereavement.

Price: €17 inc. VAT

Healing Inner WoundsHealing Inner Wounds

This session enables us to reach into those inner parts of ourselves where we are in need of comfort and tender care. To find the place within us where our inner child resides and to bring healing and strength to this gentle and vulnerable aspect of ourselves.

Price: €17 inc. VAT

The Rainbow Light Collection of 7 Relaxation CDsThe Rainbow Light Collection (7 CDs)

The Rainbow Light Collection is a series of 7 guided deep relaxation audio CDs offering an important and powerfull tool to help bring about positive, healthy, life enhancing changes to our life situations and to our relationship with ourselves and with others. each CD provides a complete and in-depth deep relaxation therapy session and is designed to suit the time restraints of modern day living.

Price: €95 inc. VAT

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