what is deep relaxation

By Susan Fitzgerald 2004 ©

Relaxation is the ability to feel fully at ease, to feel comfortable and peaceful within ourselves. Relaxation is a natural state and everyone can access and develop this state so that it supports us and brings us greater health and well being on every level. Relaxation is all about feeling good in ourselves, it is the opposite to feeling stressed, tense or anxious.

We have indicators on a physical, emotional and mental level which signal to us any needs or requirements that are not being satisfied. For example, when we feel thirsty, we need to drink clear fresh water. When we feel hungry, we need to consume healthy, nourishing food. And when we feel stressed and tense or anxious in life, we need to deeply relax.

Through modern day living, our lives have become busier and there are many more demands placed on us. This means we have to compensate and adapt to this greater need by including more relaxation in our lives.

Stress and tension is a natural result of our busier and more demanding lifestyles.

The feelings of stress and tension are indicators from our body intelligence giving us a message in the same way as thirst and hunger. These signals and indicators tell us, and indeed urge us, to relax more often and more deeply on a regular basis. Stress is normal and unavoidable in modern daily life, it is how we manage stress that is significant. The regular practise of Deep Relaxation is very important for combating and releasing stress in our lives.

Sleep is one of the easiest ways to satisfy our need to deeply relax. Sleep is natures built in deep relaxation therapy, but unfortunately, not everyone can get a good night’s sleep and not everyone can spend an adequate amount of time sleeping. This is where Deep Relaxation Therapy can play a major role to promote and sustain well being.

When we look at the many different therapies and holistic practices available today, the essence of each of these therapies is their ability to deeply relax the person receiving the treatment and without this, optimum health and well being would not be possible.

Deep Relaxation is a complete Therapy in its own right and The Rainbow Light Collection of Deep Relaxation Therapy CDs were created with this understanding.

I am often asked what makes The Rainbow Light Collection different to most other products. What is different is, other products are primarily instructive and directive and work on the mind and body. The Rainbow Light Collection is holistic in its approach and includes our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  

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