When I listen to my relaxation CDs by Susan Fitzgerald, I push the “pause” button on my busy stressful life. They enable me to go to another world where I relax, take stock and work out the problems bothering me. The guided visualisations are fantastic. I have gone from a cynic to someone totally converted to the process of relaxation. Thanks a million – Kathleen

The CD’s are better than any tranquillisers, medicines or anything I could imagine you take to make you relax, sleep and totally blank your mind of thoughts. You know when you go to bed and your mind is racing – thinking “did I do this right”, “have I the kids stuff ready for the morning” or “how am I going to pay for this bill” etc. well, when you turn Susan’s CD on and listen to it – that’s it! And I mean that’s it – your thoughts stop – you literally do not have any more thoughts other than those on the CD. Thank you Susan – Joyce

My first impression of the CD Health & Vitality was how relaxing Susan’s voice was. It was like you were drawn into and hanging on every word she spoke. The voice of an angel. I found the process of getting the body to relax just amazing. I am an easily stressed person and found the CD worked wonders for me. When Susan spoke about having the power to change, I could nearly feel it. I wanted to jump up there and then and get moving on it – make the changes that I knew were setting me back, i.e. my eating habits. I felt the CD a great motivator. – Kelly

The Rainbow Light Collection has meant a lot to me, they have given me the ability to be able to relax and close my mind, which is something I find very hard to do. I feel more able to cope with my stressful job and life, it gives me time to myself and time to focus on things that are important to me. I have found that through using the CDs, I am a calmer person. – Corina


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